Cathedral of Our Lady

Cathedral of Our Lady

The Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp is the proud and glory of all the people who live here. Just the sight of it makes us happy and feel at home.

It towers 123 meters (404 ft) above the ground and it took almost 2 centuries to build (from 1352 to 1521).

It survived very harsh events, like fires, wars, vandalism and so on. Nevertheless, the Antwerp Cathedral is still standing. 

Prepare yourself, because this monument is huge! It occupies 1 hectare of the historical centre and it is the largest Gothic church of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It has the capacity to hold 25 000 (!) people and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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What's there to see?

  • First of all, the outside. Just look up and admire the gracefully tiered spire with the golden clockwork. (Did you know that the original plan had 2 spires? Only 1 was built, because of money problems and changing ideas.) Also look at all the decorations, like for example the sculptures above the main portal. It depicts 'The Last Judgment'.
The Cathedral of Or Lady
  • Inside, you'll find a 7-aisled nave of 118 meters long, 125 columns and 128 windows, of which 55 are stained-glass.
Medieval arches in the Antwerp Cathedral
Interior Antwerp Cathedral
Antwerp Cathedral stained-glass window
  • The Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp holds a valuable art and sculpture collection. Not less than 4 paintings from Rubens are displayed here. The 'Raising of the Cross' and the 'Resurrection of Christ' are 2 of them. Next to that you'll see magnificent decorated furniture and tombs.
Paintings of Rubens in the Cathedral of Our Lady
Art in the Antwerp Cathedral
  • The Antwerp Cathedral has 2 organs to make music. The first is the Schyven-organ (1891). It lies in the back and has 90 registers and 5 770 pipes. The second is the Metzler-organ (1993) and is situated next to the altar. Would you like to hear it in action, together with the choir? Then go to mass, every Sunday at 10 am!
The Schyven organ

(Photo courtesy of

  • The Antwerp Cathedral has a carillon with 49 bells, of which the heaviest weighs 6 434 kilograms. Every Sunday, from May to September and from 3 pm to 4pm, concerts are played in the tower. During July and August, you'll hear an evening concert every Monday between 8 pm and 9pm. At these times, you'll see people gathering around on cafe terraces to listen to those heavenly bells...
The bell tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady

(Photo courtesy of

  • In the Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp, you'll also find a shop where you can buy books, guides, souvenirs, icons and so on.

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Mass times!

If you would like to attend a mass in the Antwerp cathedral, then these are your options:

  • Every day at 4 pm
  • Every Saturday at 4 pm in Dutch with the organ and at 5.30 pm there is a mass in English, also with the organ
  • Every Sunday there is mass at 10 am with the organ and choir, and at 5 pm.

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Where is it?

The Cathedral of Our Lady is situated in the middle of the historical city centre. It's right between the 'Groenplaats' en the 'Grote Markt'. It's official address is 'Handschoenmarkt'.

 Wherever you are in the city, this tall monument will guide you!

When is the Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp open?

The Antwerp Cathedral is open every day:

  • From 10 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • From 10 am to 3 pm (Saturday)
  • From 1 pm to 4 pm (Sunday and holiday)

What's the price?

A ticket for an adult is 12 euro.

If you come in a group of minimum 20 people; are older than 60; are a student or lives in the province of Antwerp, you only pay 10 euro.

Children younger than 18 years old, go for free.

And if you have the Antwerp City Card, you enter for free too. Click here to read about all its benefits and discounts!

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