The Antwerp City Card:
Do More For Less!

The Antwerp City Card

The Antwerp City Card is your best asset to discover the City.

It's also the best value for your money. You just can't go wrong with it!

It contains so many free entrances, discounts and other benefits, that it pays itself back in no time!

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What is it?

The Antwerp City Card is a card specifically designed for tourists. It's designed by the official Antwerp Tourism & Conventions office, to make sure that visitors can see the most during their time in Antwerp.

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What's included?

A lot!

Let's sum up the key-benefits:

1) Free public transport!

2) You will get free entrance to 17 museums!

3) You will get free entrance to 4 monumental churches!

4) When there is a temporary exhibition in a museum or church, no extra charge.

5) Special offers on many attractions, souvenir shops and local sweet shops!

6) You will also get discount vouchers for several shops and attractions spread throughout the city.

7) And, you'll get a free guide with lots of practical information plus a city map on top of that.

Would you believe that even I, as a local, buy this card when I want to see a few things?!! The value for money is just outstanding! A no-brainer, as they say...

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In detail...

1) Free public transport!

All the buses, metro and trams from 'De Lijn' are free, from the moment you activate your Antwerp City Card until it expires.

Without this card, you would pay 3 euro for a normal ticket, which is only valid for 60 minutes. A ticket for the whole day would cost 6 euro.

Although Antwerp is a walkable city, it is very likely you will take a tram or metro to go quickly from one side to the other. 

The free city map with your Antwerp City Card

2) Free access to 17 participating museums!

Here-under I list all the museums with their normal entry ticket price. This price you save out with the Antwerp City Card, as with this card you go in for free!

  • Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), 10 euro
  • Red Star Line Museum, 8 euro
  • Rubens House, 8 euro
  • Fashion Museum (MoMu), 8 euro
  • Photo Museum (FoMu), 8 euro
  • Museum Plantin-Moretus, 8 euro
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (MHKA), 8 euro
  • Museum Mayer van den Bergh, 8 euro
  • DIVA Home of Diamonds
  • Library Hendrik Conscience, free
  • House of Literature, 5 euro
  • Maiden's House Museum, 5 euro
  • Eugeen van Mieghem Museum, 4 euro
  • Museum Butcher's Hall, 5 euro
  • Snijders & Rockox House, 6 euro
  • Museum De Reede
  • Museum Stampe & Vertongen

3) Free access to 4 Top Churches!

The normal entry price is listed here-under. With the Antwerp City Card, you don't have to pay for it!

  • Cathedral of Our Lady, 6 euro
  • Saint Andrew's Church, 1 euro
  • Saint Paul's Church, 1 euro
  • Saint James's Church

4) These Special Offers are included with your Antwerp Visit Card!

  • Cinema Zuid: 40% discount
  • De Ruien - Antwerp Canals: 2,5 euro discount
  • Diamondland: 5% reduction in the giftshop, 10% reduction in the diamondshop
  • Antwerp Zoo: normally 26,50 euro/person, now with 25% discount
  • Middleheim Museum: free audioguide
  • Historical city walk: 20% discount
  • Sightseeing Antwerp: 50% discount
  • Sightseeing hopNstop Citytour: 50% discount
  • Segway City Tours: 10 euro discount
  • Antwerp Diamond Bus: 50% discount
  • Antwerp Bike Tours: 10% discount on a guided bike tour, bike rental included
  • Antwerp By Bike: 20% discount on a 2 hour guided bike tour, bike rental included
  • Cyclant Bike Tours & Rental: 10% discount, bike rental included
  • Levanto Bike Rental: 25% discount
  • Boat Trips Jan Plezier: 1 euro discount on a Port of Antwerp tour
  • Rivertours: 2 euro discount on a trip to Lillo and the container terminal

5) Very Good Deals in these souvenir and sweets shops!

  • Antwerp Brandstore: 20% discount
  • Chocolatier Goossens: 10% discount
  • Philip's Biscuits: 10% discount
  • The Chocolate Line: 10% discount
  • MAS Shop: free MAS-pencil valued at 1,75 euro
  • Antwerp Fly Shop: free croissant when purchasing a cup of coffee
  • Koffie Verheyen NV: 250 gr offered when buying 1 kg of coffee of your choice
  • Cathedral of Our Lady: 10 euro discount on the exhibition guide

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What's the price?

The price depends on how long you stay in Antwerp or on how long you think you will need it.

If you want the Antwerp City Card:

  • For 1 day: 27 euro
  • For 2 days: 35 euro
  • For 3 days: 40 euro

'1 day' means 24 hours and they start the moment you use the card for the first time. And 1 card per visitor, of course.

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Where do I pick up the Antwerp City Card?

The Antwerp City Card is given to you at 1 of the 2 Antwerp Tourism offices.

Their addresses are:

1) Grote Markt 13

2) Central Station, main departure hall, ground floor

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How to order my card?

Click here to order your Antwerp City Card!

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