Discover All The 10
Antwerp Neighbourhoods!

The Diamond City has 10 Antwerp neighbourhoods.

They all lie next to each other and are all easily reachable on foot or with the tram.

Every Antwerp district has its own character and you will for sure find your favourite, depending on your interests!

Let me show you around!

The 10 Antwerp Neighbourhoods

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1. Central Station

2. Little Island

3. Historical Centre

4. The South

5. Meir

6. Saint-Andrew

7. Red-Light District

8. Theatre District

9. University District

10. Zurenborg

How to Navigate Between the Districts

1) Central Station - Centraal Station

The 'Central Station' or 'Centraal Station' is of course the Antwerp district where the grand railroad station of Antwerp lies. This is a fantastic place to start discovering Antwerp.

In this neighbourhood, you will find many bars and restaurants, a movie theatre, the zoo and the place where the famous Antwerp diamonds are changing hands.

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2) Little Island - Het Eilandje

'Little Island' or 'Het Eilandje' is the Antwerp district that lies in the North of the city. This used to be the Port of Antwerp, after the port moved from the city centre. 

Here you will find the docks, dug out by Napoleon Bonaparte and lots of wharehouses.

Now, this neighbourhood is on the uprise, with top museums, hip and trendy bars and restaurants, and a full-blown yacht marina!

Click here to read more about this neighbourhood.

3) Historical Centre - Historisch Centrum

The 'Historical Centre' or 'Historisch Centrum' is the main district of Antwerp. You will definitely spend some quality time here, as this is the heart of the city!

Click here to read more about this neighbourhood.

4) The South - Het Zuid

The 'South' or 'Het Zuid' is obviously on the southern side of Antwerp. Top museums, trendy bars and restaurants, all in a relaxed atmosphere!

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5) Meir

The Meir is known internationally as The shopping street of Belgium. If shopping is your middle name, then this is your neighbourhood!

Besides all the shops and shopping centra, you can admire the nice architecture, the churches, bars and restaurants.

Click here to read all about this neighbourhood.

6) Saint-Andrew - Sint-Andries

This neighbourhood is where fashion is made. It's the creative side of Antwerp.

Do you like beautiful clothing, furniture and architecture, then this is the place to be!

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7) Red-Light District - Het Schipperskwartier

Seaman used to hang around this neighbourhood, for some enjoyment after a long or not so long stay onboard.

We still have a cleaned up version of those days. Here you will obviously find some excellent dance clubs.

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8) Theatre District - Theater Buurt

This district is our Broadway!

Several theatres live here, together with weekly markets, cozy bars and high-end shops.

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9) University District - Universiteitsbuurt

Antwerp has of course its own university, the University of Antwerp.

Around 40 000 students make this a very lively district! Here you will also find some beautiful churches and superb museums.

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10) Zurenborg

The Zurenborg neighbourhood is one of the most beautiful and most expensive of all the Antwerp neighbourhoods.

The streets in this neighbourhood are lined with spectacular Belle Epoque houses, all from late 19th, beginning of the 20th century.

An architectural beauty, to say the least!

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The city of Antwerp is very tourist-friendly and you'll see a lot of signposts and information panels at every strategical place.

This is how they work and look like:

The Signposts

All signposts are dark grey with on top a red sign. On that red beacon, your current neighbourhood is mentioned.

Under the red beacon, you'll see orange arrows that tell you where the other neighbourhoods are, and how long it takes to walk towards them.

Under those orange arrows, you'll find the dark grey arrows. These point you in the direction of the attractions that are situated in the neighbourhood where you are. They never take longer than 15 minutes of walking.

The Information Panels

Under all those arrows, the signpost has an information panel with on one side an overview of all the Antwerp neighbourhoods, and on the other side, the Antwerp neighbourhood you're in at that moment, in detail and with all the local attractions shown.

It doesn't get easier than this, no?!

Antwerp neighbourhoods
Antwerp neighbourhood Meir

Because of the size of Antwerp, you can see a lot, just by walking from one place to another. You can also take the subway ('Metro') or rent one of the many city bikes ('Velo') or electric steps!

Click here to read all about how to move around in the city! And don't forget that with the Antwerp City Card, you travel for free on all buses and trams!

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