Getting Around In Antwerp

Getting around in Antwerp is so easy, as the city is small in perspective to London, Rome or Paris.

This is exactly the beauty of Antwerp! So much to see and to do, and all in walkable distance.

Apart from walking, you can chose between several other modes of transportation to get you around.

Here are all your options!

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Getting around in Antwerp is perhaps best done on foot, as the city is very walkable. Distances are short and there is so much to see and do underway, that you don't have to walk a long stretch.

For example, walking from Antwerp Central Station to the river Scheldt, via the main shopping street 'Meir', the 'Groenplaats' and City Hall, is only about 2 kilometres.

So, if you don't mind walking and you want to take in all the beautiful things underway, walking is the best thing you can do.

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2) By Tram

De Lijn logo

The next best option, is taking the tram. The tram rides above and under the ground. 

People from Antwerp love to take the subway or metro, as it is fast and always close-by.

All the trams in Antwerp are from the company 'De Lijn'. You will see their yellow - grey -white logo everywhere.

The trams will bring you faster from a to b, and if you carry luggage, this is the best deal.

If you're planning to use the tram a couple of times, than I recommend you get the Antwerp City Card, as you can then travel as much as you want, without the hassle of getting tickets. With this card, all transporation with trams and buses is included. So, you literally just jump on and off, totally carefree!

Antwerp Tram Network

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3) By Bus

Buses are available too! They are the next step up from trams.

Trams are ideal to get around between the neighbourhoods of Antwerp. The moment you want to travel outside those, then the bus is your best option.

These are also from the company 'De Lijn'.

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4) By Bicycle

Riding a bicycle, is also an awesome way for getting around in Antwerp.

There are a few bicycle shops where you can rent a bike, and you can also visit Antwerp by booking a bike excursion through the city, but, if you want to go fast from a to be, then use 'Velo Antwerp'.

Velo Antwerpen

Velo Antwerp is the city's network of bicycle stations, where you can rent a bike in one station and leave it in the same or a different bicycle station. The rates are cheap and the first half an hour is free.

Download the Velo Antwerp app on your smartphone to see all the bicycle stations.

For OS, click here.

For Android, click here.

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5) By Car

You can take your car to drive around in the city, but I don't recommend this.

Parking is hard to find and is paying. 

And you might get stuck in traffic, so that's a waste of time, no?

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6) By Taxi

Taxis can be a way for getting around in Antwerp. The drivers know the city as their backyard and might get you to your destination, without getting too much traffic.

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7) Getting Around In Antwerp By Step

Bird has landed in Antwerp, so now you can use the electric step to speed from a to b. They're fun and easy to use.

Just download the app and follow the steps!

For IOS, click here.

For Android, click here.

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