The Antwerp Specials

As the biggest city of Flanders, there's a lot going on in Antwerp!

In 'The Antwerp Specials' I will be telling you true, intersting stories about the City.


Quick Links:

1. The Antwerp Diamond Heist

2. The Mazel Tov Book

1. The Antwerp Diamond Heist

Antwerp Diamond Heist

In 2003, the biggest diamond heist of the century took place in the Antwerp Diamond Centre.

How did that happen and who did it?

Read the full story here!

2. The Mazel Tov Book

Mazel Tov from J.S. Margot

In 2017, J.S. Margot wrote her best-seller Mazel Tov.

In this book, she tells about the time she spent with an Orthodox Jewish family in Antwerp, during her student years.

This intriguing story finally uncovers this closed off community.

Read all about it here!

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