Travelling To Antwerp

Travelling to Antwerp is so easy and fast, because of the close-knit network in Belgium. Wherever you live in the world, you will find a very efficient connection to Belgium and Antwerp.

If you live in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France or the United Kingdom, the high speed train might be your best option.

If you live further away, then you will be best served with taking an airplane.

Here are all your options!

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1) By Airplane

Belgium has a couple of international airports, of which Antwerp is one.

You can fly to:

1) Brussels Airport

2) Antwerp Airport

3) Oostende Airport

4) Charleroi Airport

Brussels Airport is our main and biggest airport. Once you have arrived, there is a very fast train connection which will bring you to the Central Station of Antwerp, right in the heart of the city! There are also busses and taxis, of course.

Antwerp Airport is, of course, the closest to the city and, once you're there, you can easily take a taxi, a bus or a tram to the city centre.

Oostende Airport is the one that lies on the Belgian Coast, next to the North Sea. From here a train or taxi will bring you to Antwerp.

Charleroi Airport is the airport south of the language barrier in Belgium. Here you are in the french speaking region, Wallony, of Belgium. From here, you can take a train, bus or taxi to the city. 

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2) By Train

Thalys at Antwerp Central Station

In Europe, we are blessed with a network of high speed trains that connect all the big European cities. And because Antwerp has it's own central station, you will arrive right in the middle of the city. It doesn't get easier than that!

The main high speed trains are:

  • Thalys (France, Belgium and the Netherlands)
  • Eurostar (United Kingdom, France, Belgium)
  • ICE (Germany)

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3) By Bus


Outside every airport, there will be buses ready to take you to the city.

There will be buses from the company 'De Lijn', which is the regional bus company of Flanders. (Flanders is the dutch speaking part of Belgium, which lies in the north of Belgium.)

And there will be other buses or autocars, from other companies, which will bring you to the main cities in Belgium.

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4) By Taxi

Antwerp Taxi

Travelling to Antwerp by taxi is fast and straight forward. There are plenty of taxis everywhere and depending on the timing of the day, it may be a short or longer run. The benefit of a taxi is that it will bring you right in front of your hotel or destination, but it costs more than the train or bus.

Outside every airport, you will see a long line of taxis waiting for you, with fixed rates, as these taxis are the only ones allowed to work at the airports.

If you want to be sure that there is transportation and that a driver is waiting for you, you can also book a shuttle. This is the most individual and luxurious way to come to the city.

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5) By Car

If you live in the United Kingdom or on the European mainland, then you could come by car too.

Once you're close to the city, you will have to watch out for the 'Low Emission Zone' that protects Antwerp for obnoxious gases.

In practice, if your car is too old, you can't enter the city.

If you can, you will have to find suitable parking, which is not that easy, as we are struggling ourselves to find a nice spot for our steel horse... If your accomodation offers parking, you're set. If they don't, then an underground parking might be your best choice. Parking in the street is possible, but you are only allowed certain hours and you have to pay for it. How long and how much depends on your location in the city.

For more information about the 'Low Emission Zone', click here.

For more information about parkings, click here.

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6) Travelling to Antwerp By Boat

The most exotic way of travelling to Antwerp, is by boat. This can be done by a motor or sailing yacht, or by cruiseship.

Yes, Antwerp caters for all ships, big and not so big.

The city has 2 yacht marinas for small yachts. One is located in the neighbourhood 'Little Island' or 'Het Eilandje', which is the left bank of Antwerp, the other is on the other bank of the river 'Scheldt'.

Cruiseships will dock right in front of the city.

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