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In the Antwerp Travel Information section, I want to share with you my best tips to make your upcoming trip to Antwerp the best one.

You will travel and move around in the city in the most efficient and enjoyable way, without losing any time and opportunities.

You will skip the lines and enjoy reduced or even free admission tickets.

Have a look hereunder and take onboard the tips you like most!

Happy travelling!!

Quick Links:

1. Travel to Antwerp and Belgium

2. Moving around in Antwerp

3. Know your Way around in Antwerp

4. Skip the Lines and Enter for Free!

5. More Information at the Antwerp Tourist Offices

6. More Antwerp Travel Information

1. Travel to Antwerp and Belgium

TUI Antwerp

Due to the central position of Belgium, it is very well connected to the rest of the world.

As the second biggest city of Belgium, Antwerp is easily reachable, whether you come by plane, train, bus or car.

Read the full list of all your options here!

2. Moving around in Antwerp

De Lijn Antwerp

Lots of people do ask me how they can move around in the city, in the easiest and most comfortable way. Nobody likes to lose time in traffic, right?

Now, that's the beauty with Antwerp. The city is very walkable and there are plenty of cool ways of transportation to bring you even faster to your destination!

Read the full list of all your options here!

3. Know your way around in Antwerp

Antwerp directions

As you come for the first time to the Diamond City, you don't have your bearings yet...

'Where is everything?' I hear you thinking!

Well, the city has 10 neighbourhoods close to eachother. Throughout the city, there's plenty of information panels that will point you in the right direction.

Click here to read all about it!

4. Skip the Lines and Enter for Free!

The Antwerp City Card

Once you're in Antwerp, now what...?

Well, the last thing you want is to start figuring out where you need to buy a ticket for the tram and start queing up in the last position at the museum.

That's why the City of Antwerp came up with the Antwerp City Card. This is definitely your best tool to make life easier.

Read all about the Antwerp City Card here!

5. More Information at the Antwerp Tourist Offices

Antwerp Tourist Office

The City of Antwerp treats its visitors like kings and is there to help you.

They have 2 offices in prime locations.

The first one is located at the Grote Markt 13 - 15 and the other is at the Central Station of Antwerp.

Here you will get all the information you need and you can find some really cool souvenirs too!

6. More Antwerp Travel Information

Police Antwerp

First of all, the currency in Belgium is the Euro.

Our time zone is UTC + 1 or Central European Time, we do have Daylight Saving Time.

The international dialing code of Belgium is + 32.

Important numbers:

  • 112: The European Free Emergency number when you're in distress.
  • 101: Police (0800-12312 for general information)
  • 100: Fire Brigade and Ambulance

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