Accommodation in Antwerp

Are you still looking for an accommodation in Antwerp, for your upcoming trip to the city? Then look no further!

There's a wealth of choices, from which you can discover the Diamond City.

I have listed hereunder my favorite places to stay in Antwerp, so that you can be sure you are going to be treated well!

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Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels in Antwerp

Are you a big spender and like to live in the utmost luxurious places, then staying in one of the luxury hotels in Antwerp is your best choice!

These hotels often have a 4 or 5 star rating, are build in the most expensive and luxurious materials and offer you everything you can imagine.

They often have a full wellness arrangement, a superb restaurant on the premises and an underground parking for your dream on wheels!

Most luxury hotels in the inner city of Antwerp, are located around the grand Central Station of Antwerp.

Click here to see my favorite luxury hotels in Antwerp!

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels in Antwerp
Photo credit: Franq hotel, Antwerp

Do you prefer a more small-scale and personal accommodation in Antwerp, but still like to surround yourself in all luxury, then staying in a boutique hotel is your thing!

This kind of accommodation is super for couples, who are going to have a blast in Antwerp!

Because boutique hotels are much smaller than normal hotels, you will also find them everywhere in the city. You will find them in the little medieval streets and in all the other places, where the big hotels can't come!

Click here to see my favorite boutique hotels in Antwerp!

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts in Antwerp
Photo credit: Baron Osy, Antwerp

A glorious bed and breakfast is, of course, a super idea to discover the city!

They are even more personal and you also really stay in the heart of the city, just like a local would live.

The B&B nowadays, are often top notch places, with all the comfort you can think of, which makes them extremely suitable for a romantic outing for the two of you!

Click here to discover my favorite Bed & Breakfasts in Antwerp!


Hostels in Antwerp
Photo credit: The ASH, Antwerp

Are you travelling on a budget? No problem!

Antwerp has several hostels on its grounds. And these are not only for the youth or students, but are open to anyone who likes to travel cheap and doesn't mind sharing a few things with fellow travellers.

That being said, the quality and amenities that are being offered are hugely grown. Staying in a hostel doesn't mean that you will be jammed with 20 others in a tiny room...! No!

The modern hostels give you so many options, quality and privacy. You will often have the choice between a large or small room, mixed or woman only!

Click here to see the best hostels in Antwerp!

Houses and Appartments

Appartementen in Antwerp
Photo credit: Antwerp City Loft

The day that Airbnb came in our lives, a lot of private people have opened up their house or appartment for travellers. And they are some sweet places to stay in Antwerp, for a fantastic price!

Click here to have a look!

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