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YUST Antwerp shared room

YUST Antwerp is much more than a hostel!

It's a bit of everything, as there is a whole vision behind it.

The idea is to connect people with eachother, all in a sustainable way.

Sounds complicated? Not at all!

YUST Antwerp offers shared rooms, private and family rooms, lofts and suites. You decide. Whether your plan is to stay long or short, YUST Antwerp got you covered!

Shared rooms are up to 8 people and there is one, only for ladies.

The whole complex consists of flexible housing, but it also has a great restaurant that brings fresh ingredients, in an ecologic sustainable way.

Its location is a bit further from the historic centre, but it is well connected!

Why you want to stay at
'YUST Antwerp'?

YUST Antwerp roof terrace

YUST Antwerp is big on flexible housing.

Travellers like to have all those options, and they all share the beautiful location and interior.

Premises are kept very clean and the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting.

People really liked the rooms that were spacious and well ventilated. A bedlight, a charger point, enough shelf space, a privacy curtain, linnen and so on were very welcomed.

The open lounge with complimentory thee and coffee are a big hit too, as well as the friendly staff that is there to make your stay great!

Breakfast is not included, but is extensive. You can have the continental or the buffet breakfast option.

Couples in particular really liked YUST Antwerp.

Most people who stayed in other hostels before, thought this was way more luxurious than what they ever experienced before, and still with affordable prices. 

The price / quality ratio of YUST Antwerp is just fantastic!

YUST Antwerp breakfast

Where is it?

YUST Antwerp

YUST Antwerp is located at the Coveliersstraat 6.

From here you can easily reach the city centre, but it's already a bit of a walk. I would reckon around 20 minutes walking to the city centre...

I would recommend taking the tram or jump on an electric step or a bike from the city of Antwerp, the Vélo.

The closest attraction is the De Koninck City Brewery, a great start to explore Antwerp!

Its main characteristics are:

  • Fresh, new building
  • Lots of accommodation choices, from shared to private rooms, suites and lofts
  • Stay as long or short as you want
  • The staff is super friendly, helpful and speaks multiple languages
  • Good location
  • High rated restaurant
  • Clean and well tought out
  • Really cool interior
  • Roof terrace
  • Washing machine and laundry drier available
  • Fast and free Wi-Fi
  • Price range: +/- 22 euro

Have a look here to see other traveller's reviews and check the availability of this hostel for your preferred time of travel.

YUST Antwerp shared room
YUST Antwerp lounge

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YUST Antwerp)

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