Solo Build It!

Are you also interested in building your own website, the one that works, then read my Solo Build It story here.

Some years ago, I felt the urge to create something, something that is valuable and which I can share with other people.

I wanted to write about my passion, but how?

Looking into writing a book seemed daunting, to say the least. Finding a publisher is a long way to go. Nowadays, things got easier as everybody can publish their book in their own name.

Time passed, until I came across a website that promised that you could build your own website with them, even when you had zero knowledge about building websites.

Solo Build It!

And that was oh so true. I did not know a programming language or code or anything closely related with building a website. I was and still am a real website virgin ;-)

Now, I started to dig in deeper, until the moment I really got convinced that this website could be the thing I was looking for.

They would give me all the tools to build a website, and I bring in the content.


My relationship with Sitesell or Solo Build It was born. I signed up!

Normally, I am a bit suspicious with these things, but I’ve read a lot of reviews, saw a lot of websites built with them and they offer a ‘not happy, money back’ guarantee for 3 months.

I took the jump!

3 months is a decent time to figure out if this is something that could work out or not.

Sitesell did promise to help me from a to z to get the job done and did they deliver!!

The moment you sign up, you are welcomed and are part of the Sitesell community. These are all people like you and me, who want to build their own website to share their passion, with the aim of generating money!

Sitesell will invite you to follow their 10 day Action Guide.

Does it mean you’re done in 10 days?

Good Lord, no!!

I will admit that it is a lot of information to take in, but, thanks to that Action Guide, you will be taken by the hand, step by step, to start building a profitable website.

And it does work! But, it all stands with your commitment!

They offer you the tools, but you have to use the tools! Nobody is going to do that for you!

You have to decide what you want to write about, bring in the texts and pictures and build your website, one page after the other.

And that’s the beauty of it! You can work at your own pace. Do you have plenty of time and write easily, then the whole process will go quicker. If you can only work at a slower pace, no problem! It will just take longer for your website to gain momentum. But that’s fine too, as the result will be the same in both cases, a profitable website!

This is how it works:

Why Solo Build It! ?

Apart from my website as an example, there are thousands of websites built with Solo Build It or Sitesell.

The truth is that a lot of people build websites, but that the majority never gets found by people. They write a bit on a blog or a website, but there’s no plan behind it. It’s just extra filling of the world wide web.

Sitesell does show you how to do it right.

They follow every evolution in internet-land to make sure we follow the rules, so that our websites are getting found and are getting the necessary traffic to generate an income.

So, Sitesell not only shows you how to build a website, but also how to monitize it. Yes, I am talking about entreneurship. You are actually building a business online, with your knowledge about a certain topic, you help other people looking for that information.

As with a physical book. You write the book and put all the hard work in it, then you sell it in the shop and people buy your work. But here, you do it online and in the RIGHT way.

Here-under is Nori. She is one of the most famous Solo Build It examples. She started her website as a kid and see how that evolved…

My Advice

So, my best advice is, if you are interested in building a website, one with the idea of generating an income, have a proper look on the website of Solo Build It!

Read it properly and make the step. You will get 3 months to figure out if it is for you.

I have done it and so many other people. Every time I got convinced about the idea of passive income. The possibility of making an income online. You have to work for it, but once you have created a decent website, the snowball starts and keeps growing. Then, you are the real master on your ship and you will become financially independent, which means freedom!

I hope to have enlightened a spark in you and have shown you the right way to move forward!

Now, make it happen! You will be glad you took the step!

Solo Build it! Solo Build It!

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