Wijk Meir Antwerpen

The Meir Antwerp

The Meir Antwerp is known far and beyond as THE shopping street of the city and Belgium as a whole. 

The Meir has also given its name to its neighbourhood and is thus one of the nine Antwerp neighbourhoods.

The neighbourhood 'Meir' lies between the Historical Centre and the Central Station.

I will guide you through all the hotspots in this area!

The Hotspots of The Meir Antwerp

Wijk Meir kaart

1) Shopping Boulevard the Meir

2) Stadsfeestzaal

3) The Rubens House

4) Palace in Meir

5) More Shopping!

1) The Meir as The Shopping Avenue

Meir Antwerp

The Meir Antwerp is the place to be if you like to shop in style!

It is lined with beautiful decorated pallazo's from the 18th and 19th century. The biggest names in the fashion industry all want to have their spot in this street.

Big international brands have here their flagship stores. Brands like Zara, Esprit, Jack&Jones, C&A, H&M, Hünkemoller, Mexx, O'Neill, WE, and so on...

One of the biggest shops on the Meir, is Galleria Inno. This multi-floor shop is the equivalent of Galleries Lafayette in Paris, or the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.

Back in time, the Meir used to be a grand avenue with a canal in the middle, but the people of power back then, decided to cover the canal by making a cobbled-stoned street on top of it.

The old cobble-stones have made way to more modern street stones and the Meir Antwerp is made car-free, which is so more enjoyable when you walk this street.

Even if you don't have any specific shopping plans, the Meir Antwerp is definitely a hotspot that you need to see. It's just so nice to walk this shopping boulevard and take in the good vibe and admire the grand buildings and statues.

2) Stadsfeestzaal

Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp

Next to Galleria Inno, you will see the grand entrance to the 'City's Festive Hall' or 'Stadsfeestzaal'.

This architectural beauty burned down in the past, but got succesfully restored with all the magnificent decorations that survived.

The 'Stadsfeestzaal is now a grand shopping centre with around 40 shops inside and a central bar.

3) Rubenshuis

The Rubens House Antwerp

In the middle of the shopping street the Meir, you will see a square named the 'Wapper'. On this square, Peter Paul Rubens, the painter from Antwerp, built his palazzo.

It's on this location where Rubens painted his pieces of art.

Make sure to visit the Rubens House!

4) Palace in Meir

Palace in Meir

On the corner of the 'Wapper' and the 'Meir', you will see a grand building. This is Palace in Meir or 'Paleis op de Meir'.

This palace used to house royalty like Napoleon Bonaparte, Willem the 1st or the Belgian royal family.

Now, you can acces the ground floor to have a meal or a drink in Cafe Imperial, buy some pralines at The Chocolate Line or have a look a the interior design shop 'Flamant', where you still see the stables where the horses were kept!

5) More Shopping!

In the Meir neighbourhood, you will find way more shops in the following streets.

The Schuttershofstraat is known for the luxurious fashion design shops, like Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Phillip Plein, Hermès and so on.

In the same line, you will walk into the street Hopland, with shops like Sandro and Armani.

The Huidevetterstraat has shops like Tommy Hilfiger, Scapa, Hugo Boss and so on...

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