Het Eilandje Antwerp

Het Eilandje Antwerp, or 'Little Island', is the most Northern neighbourhood of Antwerp.

It has got its name, because there's so much water around, in this district.

Thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte, who built the docks, we have now this awesome place to relax and enjoy!

When you come to Antwerp, this neighbourhood must be on your bucketlist!

Check out its hotsport here-under!

Eilandje Antwerp map

The Hotspots of Het Eilandje Antwerp

1) The MAS

2) The Yacht Marina

3) The Red Star Line museum

4) The Rijnkaai

5) The Port House

1) The MAS

MAS Antwerp

The 'Museum aan de Stroom' or MAS, is what Antwerp is all about.

It's grand, big, high, special, beautiful, has a magnificent view and tells the story of Antwerp in the world and the world in Antwerp.

This is one of the hotspots of Antwerp and you must come and visit it.

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2) The Yacht Marina

Yacht Marina Willemdok Antwerp

Antwerp owns 2 yacht marinas, one on the left bank, and one on Het Eilandje Antwerp.

It lies in the 'Willemdok', one of the 2 docks built by Napoleon Bonaparte.

I'm very fond of the sea and boats, so you often find me walking this area. I'm sure you will also enjoy to stroll around and look at all the pretty boats.

While doing this, there's plenty of barsand restaurants to take it all in.

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3) The Red Star Line Museum

Red Star Line Museum Antwerp

The Red Star Line museum will guide you through the same way, that millions of people took, when they decided to emigrate to find a better life.

In the original buildings, you will discover their story. Maybe you even have family that made the jump to the United States of America!

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4) The Rijnkaai

De Rijnkaai Antwerpen

The Rijnkaai is the quay next to the river Scheldt, where the Port of Antwerp used to be.

Big passenger ships were leaving from this quay to the New World.

The 5 iconic cranes are still a living memory of the port activity back then.

5) The Port House

Port House Antwerp

The Port House in Antwerp is to me one of the most unique and fantastic building in the world.

This pearl of architecture is definitely worth to admire!

Click here to read more about the Port House of Antwerp.

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