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Happy People finishing their Antwerp Walking Tour on top of the MAS!

It doesn't come as a surprise that taking an Antwerp Walking Tour, is one of the smartest ways to explore the Diamond City! Antwerp is, by the way, a very 'walkable' city.

They are fun and they give so much information, right on the spot!

One of the best Antwerp Walking Tours to take, is the Historic Walking Tour that takes about two and a half hours. That's not too short and not too long. It fits easily in a morning or an afternoon, which keeps the rest of the day free, so you can explore further on your own terms.

Antwerp Walking Tour with guide

What I like about this walking tour, is that an official guide will show you a selection of the best sightseeing spots of Antwerp. While walking, he or she points out, all those little things and extra information that you would otherwise miss.

These guides speak often several languages, Dutch and English as a standard, and often also French, German and Spanish!

What will I see on this Antwerp Walking Tour?

Groenplaats, Antwerp

This Antwerp Walking Tour, starts at the Groenplaats. Your group will be small, as this will give you the best experience. Everybody wants to hear the guide, right!

On the Groenplaats, the guide will point out the history, the statue of Peter Paul Rubens and you will have a majestic view on the 123 meter high Cathedral Of Our Lady.

This place is awesome, as you will stand in front of the high tower, see the statue of Nello and Patrasche and have a look at the stepped gable houses where they sell the typical artisanal souvenirs of Antwerp.

As the Cathedral is our pride, the guide will give you plenty of information about it!

Brabo and the Antwerp Cathedral

From here, the group will advance to the Grote Markt, where you will see the grand City Hall, the beautiful decorated guild houses and the Brabo fountain.

Your guide will tell you in lyrical terms the fight that Silvius Brabo had to battle with the giant Antigoon. This is how Antwerp got its name!

From this place, you will make your way nortwards, through the Medieval streets and alleys, with all the stories that come with it.

Admire the antique houses, the lanterns on the corner, often with the Holy Mary with Child, the statues and decorations... 

That's why a local guide is so fantastic, you get all the depth information, where you otherwise might just be passing by, without noticing.

Eventually, the group will go through 'Het Schipperskwartier', or Red Light district. This is now a very cleaned up and monitored neighbourhood, where it is nice to live and work. I'm sure the guide will have a few funny stories about this neighbourhood.

And finally, you will arrive at 'Het Eilandje' or the most northern neighbourhood. In the past, the epicentre of the Port of Antwerp was here. Thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte, we have two docks, where ships used to enter and deliver their goods, like tabac, thea, coffee and so on.

Have a look at all those massive warehouses that are now turned into high-profile lofts and businesses.

The MAS, neighbourhood 'Het Eilandje'

At this point, you will be standing next to another Antwerp tower, the MAS. And yes, you are gonna climb it on your Antwerp Walking Tour!

On top, and this is the destination of this historic Antwerp Walking Tour, you will have a great view on the river Scheldt, the Port of Antwerp and the city centre!

This Antwerp Walking Tour is an excellent start to discover Antwerp and gives you already a lot of information and also an idea where what is and what you want to do next.

At this point, there's plenty of cafés or restaurants to have lunch or dinner and there's more to see and do in that neighbourhood.

How Do I Book My Spot?

At the moment, this Antwerp Walking Tour is only 14,5 euros per person, which is a very good deal, considering you have a professional guide and the tour takes two hours and a half!

Reservations are made very easily and you will get confirmation straight away in your mailbox, with a ticket that you can print out or store it on your smartphone!

Book your Historic Antwerp Walking Tour hereunder!

Now, I can only wish you a lot of fun on your Antwerp Walking Tour!!


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