Antwerp Christmas Market

Every year, the city organises the Antwerp Christmas Market. And how!

It's like every new edition of the event 'Winter in Antwerpen' is bigger and more spectacular than the previous one. They come up with new ideas and new experiences to make sure everybody has a good time.

The Christmas Market is spread out over several streets and squares, it's like the historical centre of Antwerp has turned into a giant amusement park!

Make sure you come for one or several days to celebrate this winter holiday in style in Antwerp!

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What's There To See?

The Antwerp Christmas Market consists of several parts that all want to give you a different experience each.

Here-under all the things you can do and see:

1) Antwerp Christmas Market

Kerstmarkt Antwerpen

First of all, the christmas market itself with all its stalls.

These stalls sell on the one hand, snacks like fries, waffles, crepes, sweets and drinks like the hot and delicious glühwein, gin and hot choco.

On the other hand, they sell christmas decoration, furs, jewellery and other fun things.

Walking around with an empty stomach is here no option, as you can see!

Tell me, what's more fun than strolling around between all these stalls and let Christmas sink into you!

2) The Ice Rink

Every year, a fantastic beautiful decorated ice rink is being built on the Groenplaats, with the statue of Peter Paul Rubens right in the middle.

Ijspiste in Antwerpen

This ice rink is made out of 2 circuits. The outside one is for the fast guys or for everybody who feels comfortable on ice skates.

The inner circuit is the slow one. This is mostly being used by small children and people who haven't wore ice skates for the last decennium.

If you rather feel like watching other people skate, then there's enough place around the ice rink to support your family and friends on the ice. And if you're thirsty, why not wait in the ski chalet next to the ice rink, to have a drink and watch it all happen from there!

If you do go ice skating, then my recommendation is to go early, as they limit the amount of people at any time of the day, just to prevent too much of a crowd on the ice.

For the smallest kids under us, they can ask for an ice skating aid, often in the form of a penguin, so that they can hold on to that and learn how to keep their balance. And it looks great on pictures, of course!

3) The Christmas Tree

No Christmas without a giant decorated Christmas Tree!

The city will erect the Christmas Tree in front of the city hall on the Grote Markt.

Together with all the other christmas decorations on the city hall and guild halls, this truely feels like Christmas!

Kerstboom Grote Markt Antwerpen

4) The Mistletoe

The mistletoe?

Yes, indeed! Everybody needs to give each other a big kiss and a hug under the mistletoe, just to tell each other their best wishes or show their love!

In Antwerp, we like to see it big, so this istletoe isn't a small branch... No, it's an enormous giant where 50 people or so can kiss each other!


Reuzenrad Antwerpen

5) The Ferris Wheel

And when you have arrived at the river Scheldt and you feel full of all those sweets and drinks, it's time to take a seat in the ferris wheel!

It takes you 50 meter above the floor, where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Antwerp.

I recommend going in the evening, when all the lights are on and gives you an awesome view on the city and the river!

6) The Fire Pits

Antwerpse Kerstmarkt

Throughout the whole Antwerp Christmas Market, you will find several fire pits, where people gather around to enjoy each other's company, the fire, and to muse in general...

Because it's winter, its such a good feeling to experience the warm glow of the fire, while sipping from your hot glühwein!

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Extra! Extra!

Apart from the traditional Christmas market in, the event 'Winter in Antwerp' has a few more surprises!

What do you think about this:

The opening Party

The Antwerp Christmas Market opens up officially on Saturday the 7th of December 2019. And this with a huge opening party.

Be amongst the first to discover it!

6 (!) Shopping Sundays

No Christmas holiday without shopping for those surprises for your friends and family!

The shops will be open for 6 consecutive Sundays!

These Sundays are the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd en 29th of December 2019 and the 5th of January 2020.

The End Of Year Fireworks

On New Year's Eve, we goona light some fireworks!

The City of Antwerp organises this fantastic spectacle from the middle of the river Scheldt, so you will have a good look from both banks of the city.

So, put Tuesday the 31st of December already in your agenda!

The Winter-BBQ

On the last day of the Antwerp Christmas Market, when all is said and done, the city organises a winter barbecue to close the event.

Here, we toast and eat the grilled food, while looking ahead to the New Year.

This will happen at the Plantinkaai.

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Where is the Antwerp Christmas Market?

Antwerp Christmas Market

The Antwerp Christmas Market is spread out over the Historical Centre and runs from the Groenplaats, over the Handschoenmarkt in front of the Cathedral, to the Grote Markt, the Suikerrui and then to the river Scheldt.

For this event, you will see plenty of arrows to point you in the right direction!

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When is it open?

The Christmas market in Antwerp opens up on Saturday the 7th of December 2019 and runs until Sunday the 5th of January 2020.

It's open everyday from 12 in the afternoon.

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What's the price?

The Antwerp Christmas Market is completely free!!

You do, however, have to pay to go on the ferris-wheel, the ice rink and to buy your snacks and glühwein! ;-)

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